Nonna Assunta’s Restaurant will be open for business from 1st June 2014. Contact us for information and bookings.

Nonna Assunta Ristorante Bar

Ginostra, situated at the base of the volcano Stromboli, in the archipelago of the Aeolian Islands is a land of myths and legends; where time seems to have stood still.  Everything is as it was then, when Ulysses landed in this part of the earthand received his strength from Aeolus:  a bag full of wind to enable him to return to his Ithaca.

Ginostra is a land where spectacular sunsets reawaken distant dreams; they lead you by the hand and take you for a ride into a magical world.  Ginostra’s night sky is unrivalled for its star-filled nights, lit up by tongues of fire that stand out against the serene twinkling of the stars, that seem so close that you could touch them with your hand.  The fresh sea-perfumed breeze wraps itself around you, passing through your hair and caressing your skin.  The frothy waves, like white prancing horses on a crystal-like sea, seem to want to strike at the sea but they are like two mythical lovers, united in their destiny…